U.S. aircraft will be similar to the UFO


The U.S. Agency for Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States has allocated Grand 100,000 dollars for the development of future aircraft. He should have excellent features and a new stage of development of world aviation. The main feature of this aircraft is an unusual shape.

The new aircraft has four wings, and therefore looks like a rectangular star. Its exterior resembles a UFO or mysterious ninja weapons - syuriken. Two pairs of wings that are perpendicular to each other are of different sizes. During take-off and landing will be used longer wings that will ensure stability and reliability, and during the flight will involve small wings that provide a quick flight at supersonic speed. Changing the wings will be available at the turn of the plane by 90 degrees.

The first to propose such a structure plane Zhecheng Professor Zha University of Miami. He also heads the scientific steering group of the project. Aircraft of the future will be able to place in the salon 70 people and will easily come up with a small airfield runways. The authors of the idea promise that their plane will fly at twice the speed of sound. This means that the flight from the U.S. to Japan will take only 4 hours instead of the current 15. Developers aircraft of the future has not yet decided on his name. It may be a competition and the aircraft will be named from the options offered ordinary Americans.

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