The new robot will replace the manual workers


The company Rethink Robotics unveiled a robot Baxter, who may be interested in manufacturing enterprises. Will it be his ability to make a revolution in the field of pricing and security by automating production processes? On the assurances of Boston, this robot is priced at $ 22,000, will cost a small fraction of the cost of traditional industrial robots, and "will not require integration." Baxter was created to use on assembly lines, where the need to perform repetitive actions, and is equipped with two arms, each of which boasts seven degrees of freedom, and its scope corresponds approximately to the human hand, allowing him to perform manual work. It can be immersed, unload, sort, pack, unpack, assemble, grind and polish.

Baxter’s hands were round and thick, but not heavy, and their movements are different smoothness.

A distinctive feature is the ability to Baxter easy to train. The robot uses a camera to locate objects, and can be programmed to perform new tasks simply by holding his hands and the movement of the desired trajectory. Even after the failure of the action, which ended the fall of part or blunder, the robot will continue to work. It can visually detect details and adapt to change the belt speed or placement details. If you miss a detail of Baxter, he knows what it takes to start over and get a new item, rather than trying to continue the job.

One of the obstacles on the way to the industrial use of robots, was the need for training management process. The challenge was to require staff training programming and interaction with the new robotic equipment, which takes time and money. Rethink team argues that learning a new task Baxter takes a few minutes. "Do not write any code to get started. This eliminates the need for expensive programmers to control the robot" - the company said. Education Baxter performed by a graphical user interface, as well as directly by direct manipulation of the robot arms. Non-technical staff can teach Baxter on the job.

In order to ensure the safety of others, Baxter is equipped with sensors to detect people within the contact distance and the transition to a slow and safe speed.

The first deliveries of Baxter will begin next month.


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