In Japan, banks operate ATMs issuing money without cards


The Bank of Japan began to be used with the environment ATMs that do not require the passbook or card for transactions. Just write the date of birth, and then attach to the sensor device hand, the bank says.

"The use of ATMs that scan various biometric data of the customer - is the first case in Japan. Upon registration of biometric data through a new kind of ATM in the bank can carry out various operations on deposits in the event of loss of passbook or card," - said in a statement.

The Bank will introduce about 18 such ATMs by the end of September, in the spring of next year, the same is going to put them in every department, and in addition to the major retail outlets Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture.

In addition to convenience, the bank decided to clients considering their experience of disaster in 2011, when a tsunami claimed thousands of homes with cash, bank cards and various documents. Many who managed to escape, not only ran out of money, but also without any documents that prove their identity. Then in the affected area branches of banks took the unprecedented decision to issue up to 120 million yen in fact paroled directly without presenting documents.

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