Self-made space satellite is not reached the cosmos


Nineteen year old British student Adam Kedvortu managed to create a home-made space satellite and launch it into space. His unit was able to climb to a height of 33 kilometers and take pictures of equal quality to the photos of NASA. The total cost of this space flight was only 200 pounds. Although homemade satellite to space not reached, the project should be considered successful.

Scientists believe that the Earth’s atmosphere ends at an altitude of 100 to 125 kilometers. The astronauts who visited Earth orbit, they say that the first signs of weightlessness occur at the height of one hundred kilometers. There are proponents claim that the effect of the earth’s atmosphere is terminated within 20 million kilometers, where the Earth’s gravity is no longer valid.

British student did not try to run your companion so high and calls his passion for unusual hobby. Homemade spacecraft was equipped with a camera purchased at an auction value of 30 pounds, GPS-tracker and a radio transmitter, with which he managed to find after landing. Motive power unit were helium-filled balloons to raise it to 33-km altitude. There were made beautiful pictures, and then the machine landed half a hundred kilometers from the launch site.

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