Scientists have developed a mechanical horse


The company Boston Dynamics has announced that work on the improvement of the robot AlphaDog, known as the "mechanical horse" coming to an end. The new robot, whose main task is to carry goods for soldiers, is nearing completion.

Upgraded AlphaDog is able to automatically follow its master, which is important in combat, when a soldier once distracted by the robot. Scientists have taught "mechanical horse" to work in groups and independently to carry cargo to the end point in the route.

The presence of four limbs enables the movement of the robot on a difficult terrain. They may go even where stuck wheeled and tracked vehicles. Robo-horse can carry 180 pounds of cargo a distance of 35 kilometers. In the near future, the robot will understand verbal commands, and then he will obey the soldiers unit, whose votes will be incorporated in its database. This is important if, during the battle of his master fails because of injury or death.

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