New virtual simulator for the transport of U.S. troops in Europe


Grafenwoehr, Germany. The newest army virtual simulator was opened for training the U.S. military in Europe Grafenverskom training camp.

Reconfigurable Tactical Transport simulator, or RVTT (Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer), differs from traditional computer simulators or classes with instructors because he "puts" a soldier in a realistic virtual world at 360 degrees.

According Darnalla, program manager in the 7th Army Multinational Training Center: "In any other computer simulator you sit down for 14, 18 or 19 inch monitor, which allows you to watch the world around us. In the case of the latest equipment such thing as a mouse for movement monitoring space is no longer needed, it will be enough just to glance around. "

RVTT consists of 4-5 blocks-trailers. Two of them have the equipment to mount a full-size layout Hammer, and the surrounding screens, up to the ceiling. The third point unit provides control and monitoring software. The fourth is the generator of electric power for the entire system. And finally, the fifth carries additional parts, such as arms or spare parts of military equipment that will allow soldiers to modify a simulator training needs.

The system is suitable for the training of a platoon when the virtual landscape is almost completely reproduces the actual area of the same name performed combat missions.

"The software allows you to save a huge amount of information, particularly when the user performs a series of training missions.", Said Darnall.

"For example, the commander ordered the convoy to follow (Grafenwoehr) Area 118 and the train to search for improvised explosive devices," said Darnall. "If it’s a really good day and his soldiers are motivated, perhaps he will be able to perform three sets in the simulator. In the simulator, you can easily spend 10 to 12 for a day of rehearsals."

Training in virtual reality is very convenient from the point of view of the absence of the cost of gasoline and ammunition.

Each scenario simulator is fully configurable by the user. Currently, RVTT has a database of 8 regions, which include northern California, the National Training Center, as well as training in the field of Grafenwoehr and Hohenfelse.

According Darnalla, every mission is like a huge arcade game, and the army has made all the scenarios on the simulator as realistic as possible.

He observed that: "The layout has a total rate of acceleration as well as natural Hammer, there are common characteristics of weapons."

All equipment is fully transportable, but a place for training should be selected for a long time that it happened in the case of the first virtual training station U.S. troops in Europe.

In addition to RVTT, the station will be connected to a virtual battle space with the future inhabited virtual simulator that will allow more than a dozen soldiers, using goggles and sensors on the body to maneuver in three dimensions.

Darnall said in its full functionality station will be able to train a battalion of soldiers in one virtual location. Attention, download news ticker and learn everything first.

Author: Gleb Archangel. Source.

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