Ostrich pillow cushion for dining sleep improves productivity


Modern catalog pillows filled with "ostrich pillow" with holes into which you can put your head completely. This creative product to sleep with a revolutionary design under common name Ostrich pillow newly created young inventors Ali Gendzhevien and Kay Kawamura of the Madrid studio BananaThings.

"It is only necessary to put a pillow on his head, thrust his hands into the existing holes and the outside world" stops "for you to exist, and you will fall asleep peacefully. Thus forces again come back to you "- say the developers. "During the study it was observed that sleep for 20 minutes increases the productivity by about 30%, and after such people dining stay feel more active for a long time. That’s why we had the idea of creating a special product for just such occasions, "- said the representative of Sheziya Nizem.

The project started on September 18, and the company has already received a half thousand orders for this product and the "lift" your budget by 135 thousand dollars.

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