New cardboard bike for just $ 12


Israeli engineer Izhar Gafni, who works in the field of industrial design, has always admired the prospects offered by the mixing of different technologies and materials. Gafni interested in the possibility of using common, everyday materials in unusual qualities. And the fact that the bikes were for him more than a hobby, and he said, "sank into the soul" can be attributed to his new project, which lasts for three years, to establish a fully functional bicycle made of cardboard. In order to bring it to the final stages and to prepare for the show around the world, has required extensive research and development.

According to Gaffney, it all started from the day when he went to the bike shop to buy spare parts and heard as one of the buyers said that creates a canoe out of cardboard. "This idea has sunk into my head," - he said. "Why not build a bike out of cardboard."

He consulted with several engineers and all of them said it was impossible. For the inventor, "impossible" - like a red rag to a bull. "At the time, my knowledge of cardboard limited to what is packaging material, but I continued my research."

In fact, his method is similar to the Japanese origami and he readily demonstrates how the board should be cut and fold it to become stronger. According to him, his first prototype looked like a cross between a box and a bicycle. He knew that there was still a lot of work: only a few years, having studied the various possible structures of the frame, seats and other parts, improving, planning, drawing sketches and checking the possible configurations for computer programs, Gafni has created a suitable model. He did not use any metal parts. After imparting the desired shape, it handles the device "organic material." This treatment allows the bike to make waterproof and fireproof. He varnished cardboard, and tires were made from recycled rubber.

Estimated cost of building such a bike will be from 9 to 12 dollars. The obvious advantage would be the availability and convenience of this mode of transport. This device is in the final stages of development and is planned to mass production.

The project is financed firm ERB.

Representatives of the ERB stated that they began to seek funds for the realization of a detailed production plan of the first two platforms, commercial (city) and children’s bicycles. On the assurances of ERB, "These models are created by almost 100 percent from recycled materials, and will also have the option of installing an additional electric motor."


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