Bank cards will replace the palm


Japanese bank Ogaki Keritsu first installed new ATMs in which to get the money do not need their bank cards. To perform banking transactions Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank customers enough to make a pack of hand to the reader, type your birth date and PIN.

At first, only a few have been set such ATMs in Gifu Prefecture. One of these days they have to earn in three prefectures - Fyti, Mie and Shiga. All customers wishing to receive a payment through your palms should contact the offices of the bank and register it in their biometric data.

Leaders Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank argues that such ATMs will benefit in the event of an emergency, such as an earthquake. Often in such cases, people are left with no money and documents. New ATMs can be installed not only in stationary branches of the bank, but also in mobile offices or banks on wheels, which are always ready to help those in need. In addition, these ATMs are better protected from unauthorized access, because handprint - and the card is not fake it is almost impossible.

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