India will thorium nuclear plant


Thorium reserves are 3-4 times higher than uranium, while it is less radioactive, which makes thorium reactors are much safer than conventional nuclear plants.

India is going to create the world’s first test thorium nuclear station.

Media reports: "In the next five years, India plans to start construction of safe nuclear reactor, which can be installed directly in the cities of Delhi or Mumbai, as it does not pose a risk to humans and the environment. Enhanced heavy-water reactor (AHWR), a 300 MW to be so safe that can be erected in the heart of any city, said SA Bhardwaj, head of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. "

Create own thorium reactors will begin in 2016.

India’s three-stage nuclear program, perhaps the most advanced and well-funded program for the introduction of thorium reactors in the world, is coming to the actual implementation.

India has large reserves of thorium, and the station will be used as a test site that will generate 65% of energy from this radioactive chemical element. The first AHWR reactor using thorium as a fuel, will test new technologies for safety, as well as a full cycle of thorium. This will be the first step towards the introduction of India’s thorium as a nuclear fuel.

Construction of nuclear power based on thorium will become energetically poor India a great achievement, because its territory lies 30% of the world’s reserves of thorium. This experiment will provide an unprecedented laboratory for the study of modern thorium technology. Global energy company, in need of safe nuclear technologies will closely monitor this.

Indian Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), has repeatedly called on other countries to join its efforts to introduce thorium. According to The Hindu Times, AEC chairman said: "The world needs to resume research on the introduction of thorium and join hands with India, the only country to make efforts in this direction in order to ensure energy security for the next few centuries."


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