Airless tires for mountain bikes


Company of Colorado presented to the public for their vision of the future in the wheel for mountain bikes, which do not need to pump up the air, and therefore will never have to patch punctures. The invention of Britek Tire and Rubber will go without patches and pumps. Over the last few years, this company has been airless wheels for cars, but now decided to turn his attention to mountain bikes. Founder and part-time designer of the company, Brian Russell, already has on hand several patents for his dream project called Energy Return Wheel (ERW) or energovozvratnoe wheel. In addition to not puncture the wheel, according to him, can boast of greater efficiency.

The company was founded in 2002 and its purpose was to "reinventing the wheel." Russell explained why his concept called "energovozvratnym wheel." The fact that the ERW can be compared to a spring suspended garage door.

ERW wheel equipped with elastic rubber layer, which retains the potential energy of the wheel, returning her like a slingshot.

"Like hanging doors, the object becomes weightless and energy costs for moving it significantly reduced. A lower energy consumption - is fuel economy."

Control of the machine in such wheels will be "like riding a four slingshot" - Russell said.


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