Intel released the third generation of SSD drives


Intel has announced the launch of the third generation of SSDs business class that can boast grown by 15 times the speed of sequential write and to increase twice the speed of reading, compared with its predecessors.

The price of the new solid state drives Intel DC S3700 decreased by 40% in terms of gigabytes, compared with 710 the previous line of SSD.

Read speed random access up to 75,000 transactions per second, and write - 36,000 operations per second for the Intel SSD DC S3700.

DC 3700 SSD capacity ranges from 100GB to 800GB.

Endurance new drive, measured in the maximum number of rewrite cycles, also doubled compared to the previous generation.

Max rewriting day also increased twice. For example, model 800GB, 10 can withstand complete overwriting all information on the disc every day during 5 years. As reported by Intel, such as setting time to failure for this product is 2 million hours.

Along with the increased speed and stamina, the drive includes a new feature to prevent data loss, which includes an internal energy source in the form of electrolytic capacitors. In case of power failure, the drive automatically starts recording from the cache to NAND flash, preventing data loss.

Sequential read / write drives the previous generation reaches 270MBps and 210MBps, respectively, 38,000 operations per second for random reads and 2,700 transactions per second with random writes.

Sequential read / write range DC S3700 reaches 500MBps and 460MBps, respectively, 75,000 operations per second for random reads and 36,000 transactions per second random write.


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