The new world speed record set electric vehicle Nemesis


Rejecting the prevailing view of the slowness of cars on electricity, electric Nemesis raced on the racing track at 243 kilometers per hour. This achievement is a new world record for such machines. The previous record was exceeded once at 22.5 km / h.

The British company Ecotricity, working in the field of "green" technology, has created an electric car Nemesis in order to attract attention to environment-friendly vehicles running on electricity. The British wanted to prove that electric cars can be fast and outperform sports cars running on petrol engines.

To perform this task specialists altered car Lotus Exige, equipping it with powerful batteries providing power to the electric motor. As a result, the British turned out not only super-fast sprinter, able to show a direct record speed, but also a great long-distance runner, able to travel on one charge of up to 250 kilometers. And in this electric vehicle fast charging device has a battery that allows for only a half hour fully recharge your batteries.

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