India introduced a new version of the cheapest tablet in the world


India has launched a new version of a laptop, who managed to get the glory of the cheapest in the world: its subsidized price of only $ 20. The new version has a faster processor and an improved battery.

Aakash tablet was developed under a public-private partnership to provide access to the new technologies of students in India, a country in which only one out of ten uses the Internet.

According to the British firm, creator of the tablet, Datawind, Aakash 2 is equipped with a processor speed of which is three times higher than the previous model. Touch screen sizes were larger, and the battery provides three hours of the unit.

The assurances of the head of the company, Singh Tuli, the shortcomings of the first version have been fixed in the new model, which runs on the Android operating system.

Problems with the first version of Aakash, which the government released in October last year included a short battery life, a long queue to receive and complexity with the distribution.

"New technologies need to be adapted to the specific needs of all the educational institutions of our country," - said the president of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

The first 100,000 units will be sold to students at a subsidized price of 1,130 rupees (20 dollars). As reported by Datawind, the commercial selling price without subsidies Aakash 2 is 3,500 rupees (64 dollars).


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