Fujifilm Company will present an optical disc with a capacity of 1TB 2015


Compared to existing discs CD (700MB), DVD (5GB) and Blu-Ray (25GB), the new CD is not any comparison. Its size is 1 terabyte. FujiFilm company plans to release this optical disc in 2015.

This company is not the first, speaking with such news. TDK company is already talking about the issue of 1TB optical disc, but after three years and has not bothered to release it. The company expects FujiFim, in two years they will begin delivery of the product to the store shelves, while shortly afterwards followed by an increase of up to 15TB disk.

This new drive is based on the technology of two-photon absorption, and other technological advances that allow for drives up to 25GB on each layer, and have up to 20 such layers on each side of the disc. At the same time, according to FujiFilm, the production of these new drives will be cheaper than Blu-Ray. The new CD will be a great achievement, even after two years, unless, of course, flash memory does not then overtake him on this score.

Production speed of each layer favorably Blu-ray. "The formation of the four layers of Blu-ray takes 147 seconds" - the company said. "With our method, it takes only 58 seconds to eight layers."

This new technology in the future will start production of 15-terabyte drives.

Original: Phys.org

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