Self priming bottle of NBD Nano


Technology experts "borrowed" from the beetles that live in the desert.

Experts of young innovative companies NBD Nano has created a unique bottle that can produce water actually inside of the air. His invention, scientists expect to shake the world, as in the case of the success of the experimental samples "miracle bottle" to help solve the problem of lack of such a precious and limited resource on earth, as drinking water.

The new finding was based on a careful study of nature, and more specifically the African deserts. Scientists have carried out observations of the animals of the most arid regions of the earth, in order to find out their methods of extraction of water, so that they continue to exist for many years. The most valuable "copy" was a small beetle species Onymacris unguicularis, darkling beetles belonging to the family, living in the south-western part of Africa - the Namib Desert. On the body of the insect is a lot of entities in the form of "knobs" on by it picks up moisture from the air flows straight into his mouth.

This natural feature allows during the morning mists survive desert beetles. Examining the structure of an animal, experts NBD Nano moved this "technology" in industrial production, covering the surface of the bottle artificial projections. Hilly capacity is able to collect moisture from the atmosphere to the "speed" of 0.5 to 3 liters per hour, depending on the climatic characteristics of the region.

The developers have stated that the creation of an innovative bottle is primarily a humanitarian mission, which is to save the Third World from a shortage of drinking water. The invention will also find its fans among athletes and other athletes. Another important aspect of the application of the "shishechnyh" coatings can be a clearing of the air toxic vapors.

It is expected that the first production models samonapolnyayuscheysya bottle in the sale will be available in 2014. In case the project will be a success, the researchers plan to expand the "zone of influence shishechnogo", creating condensation cover this type of roof houses.

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