The new material is lighter than air


German materials scientists from the universities of Kiel and Hamburg have created the lightest material in the world, called the airbrush.

One cubic centimeter of aerografita weighs only 0.2 milligrams, which is four times smaller than the previous record holder, a 5000 times less water, and six times less air. Airbrush is so light that it makes it difficult to work with him in the lab. Anyone, even a small movement creates a flow of air, this material is blown away.

"Just one kilogram of this material would take five cubic meters. This means that the figure to the base of one square meter, which reaches a height of five meters, a house or a tower, would weigh one kilogram. Would you took fourteen vehicles for the transport of kilograms "- said the researcher Matthias Mecklenburg.

Airbrush is a carbon tubes, each about 15 nm in diameter, bound at the micro-and nano-levels. Due to its light weight and relatively large surface area, airbrush make it possible to create a much lighter lithium-ion batteries. Among the promising areas of implementation also includes waterproof clothing, light computers, filtering air and water, as well as a protective layer for the satellites.

This material is created by placing oxide crystals in special furnaces and heating them to 900 degrees Celsius.


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