Kindle Fire HD has become the best-selling product on Amazon


According to the Amazon, the tablet Kindle Fire HD has become the best selling product for the holiday season, and became the most popular and sought-after gift.

Kindle Fire HD is a second generation line of tablet computers with a color touch screen Kindle Fire.

Traditionally, refusing to publish specific numbers, Amazon says Fire HD has taken the top position in all three categories since its introduction 15 weeks ago.

Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and conventional electronic reader Kindle occupy the first four places among the top selling products on the Amazon during the holidays around the world, as reported by Slash Gear on Friday.

With the growing popularity of these devices is growing demand for downloadable digital content. According to Amazon, more than 23 million movies, TV shows, games, apps, songs and other content has been uploaded for Christmas.

By the conviction of the company, this device is so popular and enjoys a regular, non-holiday, holiday. So, in October became the best-selling tablet Kindle in all world markets of the company.


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