iPhone 5 was named the worst of the high-end smartphones


One of the reasons for the recent decline in the value of Apple shares is the loss of the palm to the most important product line of the company smartphones.

The runaway success of the iPhone has been so great that smart phones have become more than half the profits to bring Apple. And over the past five years, Apple cemented their product title of "best smartphone on the market."

But now become competitors to overtake iPhone. Some observers believe that the latest model handset from Samsung is better than the latest model handset from Apple. Many believe that Samsung will be able to get ahead with the release of new models of Galaxy S4 this spring.

Another respectable columnist products, the magazine Consumer Reports, agrees with the fact that Apple has lost the palm.

The conclusion reached by Consumer Reports, the fans do not like Apple. Journal of Consumer Reports (CR) has called the iPhone 5 the worst of the top smartphones. Not yet published the reasons for such a low rating.

Original: Businessinsider.com

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