Throughout his life, now you can capture at a rate of two frames per minute


Experts from Sweden, have developed a miniature camera for taking photos every 30 seconds, creating a true picture stories about his own life. The images are thus very high quality and can immediately be put up in any social network.

And then, as Google continues to get a lot of allegations of violations of personal privacy, restless layfloggery can rejoice. Now that same integrity they can break at two frames per minute. Layfloggerami - Life (life) and log (record) - now called the people who are very interested in other people’s lives, invade it and publish on the Internet incriminating pictures. This is some paparazzi, but their activity is spread among the common people, not the stars.

Now everyone can easily recall what happened to the sock, where he left the keys to the apartment or a car or a passport. And the cost of a few hundred gigabytes justifies an opportunity to remember almost every moment of his life. Lay it all on the Internet, of course, optional, but nice all the same when it is available.

Developed by Swedish scientists cameras are so petite that they can be easily mount even in the shackle points. Stephen Bowen, director of the British Institute of Human Rights, is convinced that the development of these technologies will result in a short time to ensure that mankind will move gradually into the world of general observation, which is described in George Orwell’s novel "1984".

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