The brain is paralyzed people learn to manage artificial limbs


Neuroscientists have developed an interface "brain - the computer", a special technology and training programs that will allow paralyzed people to control artificial limbs by thought. This is a huge step forward in terms of the empowerment of people who are unable to move independently. Just imagine what it means for a paralyzed person to control the manipulator only mental effort: presented as artificial arm takes a glass of water - it is immediately executed mental command.

Senior researcher Professor B. Schwartz explains that they have developed the technology of the human brain interprets the signals to control the manipulator. The researchers tested the effectiveness of the new technology on the patient, which is due to spinotserbellyarnyh degenerations nine years was paralyzed. Between her muscles and the brain was completely broken link, but she did not lose hope, and happily agreed to participate in the experiment and the first to experience the new technology produced by an artificial arm.

Neuroscientists are introduced onto the surface of the patient’s brain two grids are included in the brain tissue of 1.16 inches. Implanted in a woman’s brain electrodes receive signals from nerve cells in the brain, which are then interpreted by special computer algorithms, and make an artificial arm to perform conceived movement. The most important thing - the right to decipher brain activity, the robot performed all steps exactly as presented people. The experimental results show that the new technology allows you to perform this task very accurately. The patient herself happy that I took part in the study, and enjoys every minute of her new life. However, two months later, scientists are going to remove embedded in her brain electrodes and continue the research.

Neuroscientists want to establish between the brain and the manipulator and feedback, ie to convey to the human brain feeling that artificial arm touched a surface or an object taken. Researchers are also trying to find a way to avoid immersion of the electrodes in the brain tissue. Perhaps in the future there will be wireless systems, which paralyzed people will be able to enjoy life without control specialists.

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