The new device from snoring as a child dummies


In Canada, completed the first test of the instrument Good Morning Snore Solution, which can help get rid of the night snoring. This is a device that looks like a child’s pacifier can pull the tongue forward, fixing it in position. In the end, it does not sinks, and airways are not blocked.

Before teeth sleeper is a large plastic cover. It does not give "nipple" move. In the middle is hollow, "light bulb". The man squeezes it, letting go of the "light bulb" air.

A cavity is formed in which you want to stick his tongue. Thus, the language is tightly squeezed inside and is here to stay. When using this "nipple" disappears very sound of snoring that can greatly disturb others know snoring. Testing Good Morning Snore Solution, conducted in Canada by 32 volunteers showed excellent results. A 50% reduction in the number of awakenings at night because of sleep disorders, and the duration of snoring decreased by an average of 40%. After completion of the experiments, 70% of volunteers said they would like in the future to use the "dummy".

Doctors believe that this device can really help people with sleep apnea. In this disease there is a danger of blocking airway during sleep, which can lead to respiratory failure. Now, these patients use assistive devices, but they tend to be cumbersome and bring inconvenience.

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