The architect will print the building with the help of 3D-printer


Dutch architect Jan Jaap Ruyssenaars, announced plans to build a building with a 3D printer D-Shape. It is reported that this printer will be used to print the sections size 6m to 9m of sand and binder, which is even better on the strength of the resulting cement mixture. These sections will be combined in a very intriguing structure of their appearance.

As reported by the media, the construction will require the investment of 4 to 5 million Euros, and is designed as a loopback loops. Although the building will need to strengthen cement, the architect argues that 3D-printer "astounding" by how easy embodied in reality he developed an unusual design. The structure has already managed to cause both private and commercial hype.

The project, dubbed Landscape House, provides for the creation of such a structure in each country, the first of which will be completed next year. According to the architect, the private person from Brazil is interested in purchasing such a building as a museum of natural artifacts. In contrast to conventional buildings of wood and other materials, the house created by 3D-printer will "save energy."

In the photo above you can see a computer model of the appearance of the future house. Idea said: "For me, as an architect, it was a good Idea - no beginning and no end, and thanks to the 3D-printer, we can give it an interesting look.’s Traditional construction, you have to make a wooden mold and fill it with cement then remove the tree - it is an empty waste of time and effort. "


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