New semiconductors will increase the time on a single charge ten times


Researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, an international consortium of semiconductor SEMATECH and Texas State University have demonstrated that the new techniques and materials to create integrated circuits can reduce the power consumption to a level at which the work without recharging for portable devices increases by 10 times.

This scientific breakthrough is based on tunnel field-effect transistors. Transistors - it switches that direct the electrons move through the material by controlling the electric current required to operate schemes. Associate professor in the field of microelectronics Sean Rommel, compared the standard transistors with the rise of the hill, while the tunneling field effect transistors are more like travel through the tunnel through the mountain.

"This work could serve as a basis for further developments in the field of tunneling field effect transistors, which will in future be used as a cost-effective integrated circuits in portable devices," - he said.


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