Russian carrier rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean


It was a bad day for the running Russian satellite that fell into the Pacific Ocean.

Commercial launch from a sea platform launch vehicle Zenit-3SL lasted just four seconds after lift-off, and the satellite Intelsat IS-27, intended for delivery to low-Earth orbit, plunged into the ocean. Intelsat-27 satellite was to serve two American continents and Europe, ranging over the Atlantic Ocean.

The reason for the failure is unclear, but Roscosmos has announced the commencement of an investigation.

"We are very disappointed in the outcome of this launch and offer our sincere regret," - said in a statement Kjell Karlsen, who heads the Sea Launch.

Although the incident did not cause physical damage to neighboring structures, it can have far-reaching consequences for the Russian Space Agency, as the Zenit-3SL is currently one of the most frequently used for international missile launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Moreover, the Sea Launch consortium has recently undergone a reorganization after bankruptcy, and this launch was seen as a big breakthrough for the company. Signed a number of contracts with various satellite operators, including Intelsat (Washington, Luxembourg) and Eutelsat (Paris).

Although the satellite is not recoverable, it is expected that insurance will cover the cost Russia $ 400 million.


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