Augmented reality glasses from Google will transmit sound through the vibration of the bones


Documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S., say that Google Glass will generate sound through the bone, rather than using the traditional headphones.

In these documents refers to the "inner vibration elements that generate sound through contact with the user’s head." This means that due to vibration at the ear bone, the headset will generate sound noises without blocking the surrounding area.

Through this, you can listen to the Google Glass, not missing a vital sounds of the street.

To understand the reason for this can be useful, it is possible, if you remember that one of the functions of augmented reality glasses is an indication of direction. Using the technology of sound through the bone, audio instructions can be communicated to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers without harming their ability to hear other road users.

This technology will be incorporated into the model Explorer Edition, which will cost $ 1,500. It will go to developers in 2013, and a large-scale launch will occur in 2014.


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