The global e-economy exceeded exceeded $ 1 trillion in 2012


Global retail sales in the Internet exceeded the amount of $ 1 trillion in 2012. The very top line in this list is the U.S., but China is rapidly gaining momentum.

The report from eMarketer says that consumer electronics sales grew by 21.1 percent and surpassed $ 1 trillion. They are expected to rise another 18.3 percent in 2013, largely due to growth in Asia.

This research firm reported that North America is still retained its status as a leader in online sales in 2012. In this region, sales rose by 13.9 percent to reach $ 364 billion.

But in 2013, the palm can move in the Asia-Pacific region, which will grow by 30 percent, and will reach $ 433 billion

E-commerce sales in the U.S. in 2012 totaled $ 343 billion, Japan ranked second with $ 127 billion, and the bronze departed Britain ($ 124 billion). Sales in China reached $ 110 billion.

China is expected to move into second place, thanks to the 65 percent growth in 2013, reaching the sum of $ 181 billion. Although the United States remains in first place, the growth in the country will slow to 12 percent, and the total amount will be $ 384 billion.

"The growth of e-shoppers in China is amazing. This country will double the number of people who buy goods online during the period from 2012 to 2016," - said in a statement eMarketer.

The data that analyzes eMarketer, include retail, travel, purchase of digital downloads, but exclude gambling and purchase tickets.


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