The plates are winning back market share from the PC


The growth of the number of tablets sold in the last quarter of 2012 exceeded the most optimistic forecasts.

A total of 43.22 million tablets were sold in the period from October to December, up 63 percent over the previous quarter and up 100.3 percent higher than the figures of the same period a year earlier, according to Digitimes Research.

New products from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Microsoft have been sold in the amount of 22.22 million units, surpassing sales of first iPad, which amounted to 21 million units.

The firm Digitimes Research reports that only 2012 were sold 109 million tablets, while Apple’s iPad owns 58.7 percent of the market, and the second place was taken by the device based on Android with 38.8 percent.

Common Market for tablets and PCs grew 12% over the previous year, with computers and iPads from Apple owns 20% of the market. Hewlett-Packard’s ranked second, having sold 15 million units, with a small separation from the Chinese company Lenovo, - both companies have occupied 11% of the market. Samsung is located on the fourth place, having sold 17 million PCs and tablets.


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