French scientists first tested the seismic invisibility cloak


Scientists in France, using the principle of the development of invisibility cloaks, have learned from the buildings reflect the seismic waves. Description of the results of the first field test of the system are presented in a preprint on display in the archives at Cornell University. With a synopsis of the work can be found in the blog Technology Review.

The test, developed by scientists of the system was carried out in the south of France. It is a structure consisting of a matrix of wells with grooves to 200 meters. Deep rock from one side of the matrix was placed vibroproba that emits seismic waves with a frequency of 50 Hz. From the side, where the building was located, experts have established vibration sensors.

The authors borrowed the principle of the structure of such a system for researchers light metamaterials, which have unusual properties due to their structure. For example, the precise control of the structure allows scientists to create devices in which light bends around the object concealed - cloaks of invisibility.

The test results showed that the use of seismic invisibility cloak allows almost completely reflect the acoustic waves, thus ensuring the protection of the building. However, a drawback of the system lies in the fact that during its construction wave will be reflected in the neighboring buildings. Scientists see as the next step to absorb the seismic waves in the system, rather than reflect them.

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