Tiny helicopters in service aircraft


Recently, specially designed for the armed forces of small-sized model of mini-robots that can be found in the use of one or more soldiers. Already, British services within the territory of Afghanistan, using small helicopters - drones that look like conventional radio-controlled toys. Tiny helicopters, known as Black Hornet (Black Hornet), weigh about 16 grams, and their length is only 10 cm design and creation of such models the company does Prox Dynamics. UAV flight control to the joystick, which is located under the thumb. Hornet with a camera transmits images to a picture tablet computer owner, and is automatically controlled by the microprocessor flying machine provides extreme ease when navigating. In addition, Black Hornet can be flown from a given GPS-coordinates of the route, to determine the objects you need to find using the specified visual programs, and is able to hover in place like a real helicopter. The benefits of this military development is quite large, and now drones greatly facilitate the task of the soldiers go over rough terrain, provide surveillance of enemy hideouts, and carry out a general visual inspection of the area. According to the military, the Hornets can significantly minimize losses during combat operations. However, the cost of such "toys" are very high. According to preliminary estimates, the production of 160 tiny drones will cost approximately equal to 20 million pounds.

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