New pen writing translates into a digital format


At meetings in the office or at conferences, often use ordinary pen and notebook.

Unfortunately, we only have time to write down the information, and often have difficulty in reading records. Finding the right records, we have to rummage through a pile of notebooks on the table.

Smart Pen from Livescribe are called to be the solution to these problems. When writing on special paper, they keep each of your recording with built-in camera. Moreover, they record audio and synchronize it with your records.

Smart pens Dubbed Sky automatically keeps a record on Evernote, the popular service information storage and not on the user’s computer. Connect with Evernote is via the integrated Wi-Fi. Once you stop recording, the pen will search for hot spots and timing of the notes.

Clever handle provides the ability to automatically transfer records to digital form and access them from any device connected to the Internet.


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