Established the first bionic hand with a sense of touch


The first bionic arm that allows a person to feel touch, will be transplanted this year, during the revolutionary operation that will mark the era of the new generation of artificial limbs with sensory perception.

The patient becomes an anonymous man aged 20-30 years living in Rome, who lost part of an arm in an accident, as told Silvestri Misera from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland.

This new bionic arm will be integrated into the nervous system of the patient, allowing him to control the movement of the hand as well as receive tactile signals from skin sensors on the prosthesis.

Dr. Misera told that the hand will be joining the nervous system of the patient by means of two electrodes embedded in the two main arms of the nerve.

This will create a fast, bi-directional exchange of information between the human nervous system and the artificial arm.

Earlier, portable hand model was temporarily attached to the Pirpaolo Petrutstsiello who lost half his hands in a car crash in 2009. He could move his fingers bionic arm, clench their fist and hold objects. He said he could feel the touch.

If all goes according to plan, fully working model will be ready within the next two years.


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