Sony has unveiled the long-awaited PlayStation 4


According to some reports, the price will be around $ 429.

The most notable feature, according to media reports, will become the new joystick DualShock 4, which will be equipped with stereo camera like Kinect from Microsoft. The device is equipped with a motion sensor and touch pad, and a new button Share ("Share") will allow players to distribute video of the game among friends.

"Our vision for the future is to reduce the loading time of digital content up to scratch", - said Mark CERN, Chief System Architect PS4.

PS4 console would be the first major gaming machine from Sony since the release of the PlayStation 3 in 2006.

Many of the new features associated with social networks and remote access. With just one click you can share your videos with friends gameplay and feature remote play (remote play) allows you to transfer image games on the internet that allows you to play on a mobile gaming device PlayStation Vita, released last year.

PS3 games to support the new system will be.

Among the games for the PS4 submitted racing simulator "Drive Club", a sequel to combat "Infamous: Second Son", a puzzle "The Witness" and the first-person shooter "Killzone: Shadow Fall".


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