3D T-shirts with images of animals living gained worldwide popularity


Drawings on the first of these t-shirts will make you jump aside from fear, which is then replaced by admiration. On clothes in 3D featuring animals who look tenderly at or intimidating growl like alive. Lovers of small animals will have the opportunity to wear on your chest creature of any kind, from dogs with a perfect view to the angry bears, and even hairless cats, sphinx.

Developers began with an unusual dress shirts with images of dogs, and later, when the products become popular in many countries around the world, have expanded their range, creating a 3D print images of other animals.

Makgloin Michael (Michael McGloin), an employee of The Mountain said: "When the popularity of our" live "T-shirts became gradually fade away, I realized I needed to do."

Mr. Makgloin reported that the company’s products has become a real phenomenon.

"We have long remained the only producers of clothing with images of dogs. Covering thousands of t-shirts dogs of all breeds, we switched to print images of all the other animals."

Original in (English language): Dailymail.co.uk Translation: M. Potter

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