Physicists have created a flexible and transparent lithium-ion battery


An international team of physicists has developed a transparent lithium-ion battery that is able to stretch three times, thus producing electricity. This will in the next few years to create a completely transparent and flexible electronics, according to a paper published in the edition of Nature Communications.

Over the past decades, engineers have developed a number of technologies for the production of transparent displays and other components of digital devices. Development of transparent and flexible power supply - it’s more difficult, due to the fact that the electrodes of the battery is extremely difficult to do so thin that they become invisible, and thus easily extensible.

A team of physicists led by John Rogers (John Rogers) from the University of Illinois at Urbana (USA) coped with this problem by making lithium-ion battery in the so-called "mosaic of micro-capsules", joined by a flexible woven into "snake" conductors together. This design, as the researchers explain, has a number of advantages.

First of all, the small size of the capsule and the wires that connect them allow the battery to be fully transparent. A flexible conductors located between the individual micro-cell battery to allow such a stretch, eliminating the risk of rupture of the conductors or pads. Scientists were able to create several prototypes of such batteries using copper and aluminum needed to make contact micro-sites, and a polymer gel as the electrolyte, as well as copper microwires - plaiting "snake."

Charging the battery and connecting the LED to them, Rogers and colleagues followed up by how much battery you can stretch. Their invention is, as it turned out, any deformation and can safely tolerate stretch without loss of properties in three times. This power supply is believed to researchers, along with their developed wireless "chargers" could well become the future basis for transparent and flexible mobile phones and tablets.

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