Physicists have created a host of water


Researchers from the University of Chicago was first created in the laboratory from a swirl of water, "three-lobed" node, and then watched his evolution and decay. Summary of the paper published in the journal Nature Physics, can be read in ScienceNow and NatureNews.

In order to "tie" water knot scientists took a special form of a propeller, they created using the 3D-printer. The movement of the water, it provoked a propeller, physics, followed by small air bubbles. They followed during the experiment the movements of water. Position of the bubbles, which are illuminated by laser 76,000 times per second, monitored device, similar to a CT scan.

Thus, the scientists were able to examine the formation, movement and decay of nodes formed by the movement of liquid. In theory, the possibility of the existence of such nodes has previously been demonstrated, but in the lab so far nobody has been able to get them.

The importance of the study sites has not only hydrodynamic but also for studying, for example, the sun. Recently, it was found that the energy transfer from the surface of the crown at the Sun can be implemented by special tornado woven into a braid.

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