Physicists were able to circumvent the uncertainty principle


Experts from the University of Rochester and Ottawa met directly measure the polarization of the light at the same time in two different bases. The information was published in Nature Photonics, and on the website of the University of Rochester is an overview of the work.

Physicists were able to circumvent the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, while doing as horizontal vertical and diagonal polarization of light for a single wave. With the aid of the double refraction of light in the crystal, the team managed to arrange for a wave polarized components twice, while preventing the collapse of the wave function.

The uncertainty principle is the inability to accurately determine a parameter of a quantum system without affecting the other related parameters. As polarization of the light is measured immediately polarization of the photon along a horizontal-vertical basis, and not on the diagonal, since the first polarized wave at the separation components (horizontal and vertical, for example) will affect all the subsequent.

In some experiments, a team of scientists led by Robert Boyd (Robert Boyd) applied the weak quantum measurement, which was demonstrated for the first time in 2011 in the course of the simultaneous measurement of the two components of the wave function - the real and the imaginary. The light does not fully share in passing through the first thin crystal on the horizontal and vertical polarized components. Remained the region of overlap, which served as the basis for measuring the diagonal and antidiagonal polarization on the second crystal.

Previously, researchers have used the method of quantum tomography to uniquely identify all the parameters of the quantum system. This method consists of multiple measurements in different bases. He demanded considerable efforts regarding the processing of the data. Direct determination of the parameters of the system that needs to refine the result of several measurements, will accelerate greatly the solution of such problems.

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