The largest radio telescope ALMA put into operation in Chile


In Chile, the opening of the world’s largest observatory, the heart of which was the most powerful radio telescope ALMA, TV channel "WORLD 24".

The location of the observatory was Chajnantor mountain plateau, which is located at an altitude of 5000 m above sea level in the Atacama Desert. According to scientists, this area has the most optimal conditions for observation of outer space: the lack of industrial production, cloudless skies and dry air.

Now, the new telescope will allow astronomers to obtain more detailed and clear pictures of the nucleation process of stars, the formation of planets and galaxies that are removed from the earth for thousands of light years. Construction of the observatory was made possible through the participation of 14 countries.

The object is a structure of 66 giant antennas with a total length of 16 kilometers. The data received by antennas will handle supercomputer, "correlation", performing in a second 17 quadrillion operations.

Currently, there are only 57 antennas, but in October of this year, a radio telescope will have to work at full capacity. It is expected that this telescope will be able to obtain images that the quality will be 10 times better than the pictures widely known NASA telescope "Hubble".

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