A new nuclear reactor is capable of providing energy for mankind 72 years


In the U.S. alone every year buried in the earth about 2,000 tons of nuclear waste. But scientists at MIT have developed a method for not only eliminate nuclear waste, but also be recycled deadly detritus in clean electricity, which will provide the whole world energy up to 2083.

Conventional methods of production of nuclear energy is very inefficient. For four years, the use of spent only 3 percent of all nuclear material, and the rest is "waste." But now found a way to recycle these wastes, with the purpose of remaining power.

The new system operates as uranium, thorium and the LWR waste. The reactor is an incredibly efficient and able to utilize up to 98 percent of the remaining fuel energy. Moreover, while saving the resulting radioactive waste will be reduced from thousands to hundreds of years.

According to scientists, the price of such a reactor with a capacity of 500 megawatts, will amount to 1.5 billion dollars. For comparison, the price of a light water reactor of 1000 MW from the company Westinghouse, was $ 7 billion.

Original: Gizmodo.com

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