The next generation of phones will be protected from the devastating effects of the fall on the floor


A sense of dread familiar to anyone who has ever missed a phone on the floor. But in the future it will be possible not to worry about what your phone screen may crack.

Apple is working on a free-fall detection system phone and it automatically flip the screen up.

At registration of a patent application entitled "Electronic Security mechanism devaysa", reported that it is intended to partially or completely prevent any damage to the electronic device with a processor, such as a laptop or tablet, but emphasizes iPhone.

Suggested several ideas for the best possible positioning device when landing: mass transfer in the device airfoil forming on the surface of the device, and even on the basis of the mechanism of thrust, such as a small gas propulsion.

The system will be equipped with a sensor detecting the start of the fall and the position relative to the ground.

Position in space and the speed of the fall can be measured by simple gyroscopes, accelerometers and sensors, although mentioned in the patent, and more intricate devices based on GPS and the CCD.

This system is still far from practical implementation and actual implementation in existing products.


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