China will establish a national operating system based on Ubuntu


Defense Science and Technology University of People’s Liberation Army of China has developed a strategic operating system, if such a term is appropriate, as early as 2007. It was called Kylin, in honor of fabulous creatures from Chinese mythology. This OS has been approved for use by the People’s Liberation Army.

Such a system with high security requirements, and developed the U.S. National Security Agency. Today it was announced a new agreement between the company Canonical and China, according to which the next generation of Kylin will be created based on Ubuntu.

Exit Kylin operating system slated for April.

This agreement is part of a five-year plan of China’s increase in the number of people who use free software (software).

This software gives users more freedom in terms of monitoring the internal processes of the system.

The first version of Ubuntu Kylin is designed for desktops and laptops. In addition to supporting sets of Chinese characters, it will work on the basis of the Chinese calendar system.

Canonical’s collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Information of China, will also develop a version of Kylin server.

This move is seen by experts as an attempt to reduce the influence of Western software on IT-sector through the development of alternative solutions.


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