The new Apple smartphone suppresses stress and controls emotions owner


Owners of smartphones will soon become the most positive and happy people in the world thanks to the new design is intended to combat stress.

Model The Android Remote Sensing app (AIRS), developed by the University of Cambridge (Cambridge University), examines a person’s whereabouts, as well as noise, calendar events, emails, texts and calls.

Smartphone user who is a crowd of people is able to determine how the situation can be stressful for the owner.

The emotional state of the user’s phone is evaluated by language and punctuation, which are used to them in the ways of communication such as SMS-message or emails.

Psychological reaction "master" is also assessed by electrocardiography or sensors that control the heart rhythm.

The high-tech device contains a set of components warn of potential stress.

Incoming e-mails, SMS-messages and calls are analyzed and blocked in the smartphone if they can have emotional pressure on the owner.

Dr. Dirk (Dirk Trossen), Technical Project Manager Computer Laboratory in Cambridge (Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory) said the following: "Mobile technology should help people deal with information that influences them every minute."

"Warning people about the dangers of stress and allowing them to control their emotions, systems such as AIRS can help prevent health problems in the future, even when it is costly medications do not help in the treatment."

Original: Translation: M. Potter

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