Quantum entanglement: 10 000 times faster than light


How fast quantum interactions occur. It was found that the faster the speed of light. At least 10 000 times faster.

This is the conclusion a team of physicists led by Juan Yin of the Scientific and Technical University of China in Shanghai, having experiment with the clutch photons, or photons, which retain the invisible connection between them, even if they are separated by a great distance.

Quantum physicists have long known that the interaction of two photons, they can somehow become "connected". This experiment was performed several times already, and it is related that two photons moving away from each other: for example A photon is sent to Los Angeles, and the photon B in Boston.

When measuring the polarization of the photon A, the photon B this figure will always be the opposite. It is impossible to guess the polarization, not measuring it, but photons are linked somehow always immediately "know" about the state of each other, instantly reacting to the changes.

But what it really means "immediately"? It is decided to test the Chinese team.

Researchers have grappled two photons and sent them to the two stations, located at a distance of 16 kilometers from each other.

They found that the rate of quantum interactions of at least 10 000 times greater than the speed of light.

Physicists have explained that the probability of finding an "exact" speed of quantum interactions is vanishingly small because modern physics is prohibited in principle.

Original: Science.nbcnews.com

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