Hitachi unveiled a tiny car-robot


The Japanese company Hitachi introduced to the public a new vehicle - a tiny car-robot Ropits, designed to carry one passenger. Miniature single-seater Ropits Robot is designed to run on pavement or a designated paths, and can also be used for traveling within the premises. He is able to independently travel in and out of elevators and lifts.

Sitting in the car is the only person passenger. Ropits equipped with autonomous navigation, working on the basis of GPS. Avoid collisions with pedestrians or other obstacles that appear on the path of movement, helping numerous cameras, two-dimensional and three-dimensional laser sensors, range finders and scanners. The car robot equipped with gyroscopic sensors, which helps him stay upright while driving over uneven surfaces. Mobility vehicle is provided an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery cells. High speeds from a baby should not expect a top speed machine is about 6 km per hour.

The route of the passenger chooses independently using an interactive touch-screen tablet computer. However, in the event of an emergency and you can go to manual control, which is a joystick mounted inside the cab.

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