Seagate began shipping the hard drive capacity of 4 terabytes to 1 TB per platter


New hard disk drives to 4TB will be different from the competition plates capable of storing information in a 1 TB each. During the year, a capacity of 4 TB hard drives are a reality. The first company to announce the release of the hard drive was Hitachi, and Samsung has managed to develop the first plate 1 TB in March 2011. But the first to combine the two to achieve the company was able to Seagate, which released on the market hard disk capacity of 4 TB, one TB on a plate. This company was the first that produced 4 TB hard drive, consisting of only 4 plates.

ST4000DM000 new model will be the first on the market with a capacity of 1 TB plates and a total capacity of 4 TB. Its cost is about $ 190 for the drive itself, or $ 205 for the set. For comparison, the price of Hitachi 4TB Deskstar is $ 215 - $ 254, and 4TB Black from Western Digital $ 302.

By reducing the number of plates to 4, will reduce the cost of production, and this, in turn, lead to lower prices for consumers. It was possible to increase and other characteristics. A rotational speed of 7200rpm, and buffer size 64MB, which allows for data transfer rates of 146 MB / s. Thus consumption of energy compared with other 4TB drives, below 35%.

Increasing the capacity of the plates up to 1 TB pave the way for the release of even larger drives with a capacity of more than 4 TB. Undoubtedly, the process will continue to increase the capacity of the plates themselves.


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