U.S. Navy drone destroyed by laser


The naval forces of the United States for many years engaged in the development of solid-state laser capable of setting fire naval vessel. The demonstration model is almost ready for implementation at the warships. Office of Naval Research (UMI) has announced the "field testing a prototype solid-state laser," in early 2014 aboard Ponce (USS Ponce). Ponce - this cargo ship, which was launched in 1970, and was recently flooded the upgrade to high-tech base. It is located in the Persian Gulf, within reach of the Iranian ships.

As evidence of progress in the field of laser technology, the Navy released a video and photos, which can be seen as the prototype of the gun tracks and destroys a small UAV in the sky. Test test took place on the shores of California in July of last year. In a previous trial, this laser technology is successfully burned and destroyed a small ship in early 2011.

Such weapons aboard Ponce, is a demonstration of confidence in this kind of weapons. This is particularly important at a time when funds for defense spending will, in all likelihood cut in the federal budget for the coming year. According to the Navy, this technology is well worth the money, and it may be cheaper to some modern defense technology. "Compared with existing maritime self-defense, such as missiles and cannons, lasers are a more affordable means of defense against certain types of weapons," - wrote a specialist in the Navy report to the U.S. Congress.

Original: Theverge.com

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