Scientists have developed a video game tutorial on Java Programming


Experts in the field of computer technology from the University of California at San Diego (KUSD) have developed a video game first-person immersive, which is designed to teach elementary school students the basics of programming has been widely adopted in the programming language Java.

The researchers have tested the game on a group of 40 girls aged 10 to 12 who have not previously studied programming. The results were presented at the SIGCSE conference held in Denver. Scientists have found that the results of just one hour of play, the girls were able to grasp some of the fundamental components of Java, and learned to use this language to modify the gameplay.

"CodeSpells - it’s the only game with effect complete dissolution of the programming in the gameplay," - said William Griswold of KUSD.

The scientists plan to make the game free of charge and available to any educational institution on request.

According to the developers CodeSpells, programming training should be a priority in a society where technology is becoming increasingly important.

"We hope that they are addicted to programming as much to video games," - they said.

The plot CodeSpells very simple: the player in the form of a wizard helps gnomes spells by writing in Java. There are a total seven spells such as levitation and the creation of fire. Education will be the creation of spells during interim quests.


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