The first building with a green algae sufficient in energy self-


The unusual 15-apartment residential house was built in Hamburg, Germany. It is equipped with 129 tankers filled with algae, looking at the south-east and south-west. This is the first building in the world, extract energy from algae. This structure was designed as a demonstration of the suitability of the use of algae for heating and cooling of large buildings.

Algae have been mined in the Elbe River flows nearby, and placed in a rectangular thin transparent case. Inside algae live in water solution, is added to the required nutrients and carbon dioxide using an automated system. These tankers are suspended outside the building and can be pivoted towards the Sun, just as do the solar panel. Since the growth of algae is activated in the summer, the hot weather, they provide shade for the apartments, helping to keep them cool, and also serve as insulation. Excess heat in the water is discharged into salt water under the building and find the application later. When the amount of algae in the tanker reaches a certain limit, some of which is mined and processed later in the building. The resulting biomass is converted into biogas that can be burned to heat the apartment in the winter.

Development and construction of this building took three years and cost

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