Scottish scientists have found an alternative cloning, creating a pig


Radio station, the BBC reported that Scottish scientists have managed to create an animal for the first time using the latest technology gene-editing, known as "genetic correction."

The unique animal that genetics was called "Pig-26" was born four months ago. But publicly about it just now decided to declare.

"The new method involves the removal of a number of units of the genetic code and their subsequent replacement with new ones. This technology, according to experts, it is easier and more efficient cloning. The work carried out by researchers Roslin Institute, particular by the fact that it was the first in the world to use a new medium does not require the use of antibiotics for the treatment of genes ", - the report says the radio station.

"Piggy-26" is different from its neighbors in that it has a particular gene that provides the body’s immune system defense against deadly diseases such as swine plague. The relevant segment of DNA, as reported by ITAR-TASS, was taken from the wild African swine.

"The new technology enables you to work directly with a fertilized egg, and eliminates the need for conventional cloning. This method is characterized by the utmost precision: we have withdrawn from the genetic code of the pig, which consists of the 3 billion units, only one, replacing it with a new, "- said Bruce Whitelaw, Professor Roslin Institute.

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