Durex has created a special underwear for virtual sex


Virtual sex has become even more real. Well-known firm Durex, which manufactures contraceptives, has created a unique underwear that can be operated Permanent Representation smartphone.

Fundawear, the name given to a high-tech underwear, allows partners, "touching" each other through the screen of a smartphone, have virtual sex. For this, they only need to wear underwear Durex, setting all-time on the phone a special application.

The intensity and direction of movement of partners, as well as instantaneous touch transfer to any point on Earth is carried out in real-time by the server Amazon.

One of the slogans of new items is as follows: "Tease, tickle, caress and sweet torment each other, even when you’re away."

New product from Durex is currently at the stage of improvement, and manufacturers are invited to participate in a bold pair of his test.

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